The Mystic Swing & Amyes Mechanical Exhibition

13 Dec

At the Nottingham Goose Fair in 1895, the following amusements were offered to the milling crowds:

1. Wombwell’s menagerie
2. Burnett’s military display
3. The Mystic Swing
4. Kemps Midgets
5. Buckleys’ performing birds
6. Radford & Chappell’s Ghost
7. Amyes Mechanical Exhibition
8. Second Sight Show
9. Coxwain Terry’s Crocodile
10. Ball’s Midgets
11. Diver’s and Naval Exhibition
12. Williams’ Fine Art Exhibition
13. Johnsons Circus
14. Wadbrooks Ghost
15. Sedgewicks Menagerie
16. Norman’s Varieties
17. Marionette Exhibition
18. Walls Ghost.

There it is, a whole Victorian cornucopia of mechanistic and mystic wonders side by side with exotica – a wonderful illustration of how those things bled into each other, intermingling what we tend to think of as colourfast and discrete.

 (Cited in The Victorian Clown, 18-19).


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