On fruity dreams

26 Oct


Came across a little yellowed volume called Dreams and Their Interpretations, published sometime in Melbourne towards the end of the 19thC. It is really just a glossary of objects or events that might appear in one’s dreams, with a guide to their significance. Its gorgeous succession of images and quaint language made me wish I was a Preraphaelite maiden, sighing over the possible romantic meanings of the fruit-plattter in last night’s dream:

 Almonds foretell difficulties, loss of liberty, and deceit in love.

Apples betoken long life and success, a boy to a woman with child, faithfulness in your sweetheart, and riches by trade.

Currants prefigure happiness in life, success in undertaking, constancy in your sweetheart, handsome children to the married.

Gooseberries indicate many children, chiefly sons, and an accomplishment of your present pursuits; to the sailor they declare danger in his next voyage; to the maiden a roving husband, and to the man a rakish wife.

Grapes foretell to the maiden that her husband will be a cheerful companion, and a great songster.

Lemons denote contentions in your family and uneasiness on account of children; they announce the death of some relation and disappointment in love.

Oranges are very bad omens. They forbode loss of goods and reputations; attacks from thieves.

Next time you dream about gooseberries, ye maidens, men and sailors, you have been warned.

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