Query: re blogging

4 Oct

It was easy to blog in the first weeks of my postdoc, because the ideas I had then were small and discrete. Not hard at all to make something like that (single object left behind on a shelf in a room / first leaves on a skeletal array of branches) the subject of a short piece. The last few weeks I’ve been researching and writing a long paper on larrikins, however – the people who were rowdy as they come in Australian theatre audiences – and the ideas have been coming too thick and fast to be made the subject of a quick-grab blog entry.

Query: does blogging encourage an aesthetic or way of thinking attuned to the singular and impressionistic? Does it work against other modes of thought and appreciating the things one is into? It certainly seems that blogging becomes difficult for me in the midst of writing something bigger, and that this is about more than just the time it takes to write an entry. It’s more about the difficulty of inhabiting two differerent sensibilities simultaneously.

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